• SeaMoor Walker

SeaMoor Walking?

I think one really does see more, walking. Not only is the pace conducive to better observation, but one is able to reach places that by car, or even by bike, are unreachable.

Nowhere was this brought home to me more, than walking by the sea last summer, as I tackled some of the sections of the South West Coast Path, local to home. In places, the path is reminiscent of the locus of a yo-yo: no sooner 300m up, than plunging back down to sea-level; and repeat, endlessly. You get the gist. As I trudged my way along, I was very grateful for the patches of woodland that peppered the path, especially in the heat of the glorious summer sun we experienced in 2018; the relief afforded by those leafy sections was welcome balm indeed. All of the experience was enjoyable, from the peace (you can’t even hear the waves breaking, 300m above), to the variation from deserted clifftop via quiet cove to packed beach; from the exertion required to tackle the yo-yo-ing of the path to the exhilaration of reaching the day’s destination, hours later. But the most enjoyable factor was the ever-changing scenery, and the joy of discovering what lay just around the next corner. On several days’ walking, the sea was a veritable carpet of diamonds, as the scorching sun beat down upon it. It was delightful to emerge from the cover of trees, where the sea could only be glimpsed, if seen at all, to find yet another glorious sea view; to round a corner and discover yet another unknown cove or to reach the top of a steep ascent and marvel as the vista opened up ahead. The distance from road or lane would render most of these views unseen unless on foot; even many of the coves were a good distance from the nearest car-park, hence their relative quietness.

Likewise, many moorland beauty spots require a deal of walking to reach, their remoteness only adding to their beauty. The panoramas gained from the exertion needed is reward indeed, as anyone who has stood on top of a mountain, or a moorland tor, will surely agree (unless it’s shrouded by mist!).

Wherever, or whyever, you’re walking, whether for exercise, relaxation or as a personal challenge, savour the experience. Enjoy the peace, the exertion, the challenge, the solitude or the company. But most of all, enjoy the view! ~ you may not pass that way again.

#SeaMoorWalker 20.4.19